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update my 2.3.7 in production

Hi all.

Sorry its taken me so long to update the list. Been real busy after I moved 2.3.7 into production, then went out of town, then had a power supply failure on my mail server. Unfortunately, I don't provide myself redundancy on my mail server at home, like I do at work. :)

As a recap, I've been running 2.3.7 w/ patched syncprov.c and bdb 4.2.52
w/ 4 patches from Sleepycat and one patch from Openldap.  We pushed this
into production about 3 weeks ago.  The server is used for
authentication/authorization of about 400,000 users.  The queries mainly
come from our freeradius servers, with an occassional direct ldap

We have one master server, that is provisioned by our billing system. It uses syncrepl to replicate the changes to 3 slave servers. One of the slave servers is sitting there mostly idle, in case of the need to manually fail it over to become the new master. Perhaps due to a hardware failure on our master, that we can't easily recover from. The other 2 slave servers are used for queries from our radius servers or other direct ldap connections. Actually, the direct ldap connections come from two ldap proxies that are sharing an IP with carp on freebsd. I won't get into all those details now, I'll write up a paper on it and submit it to the list one of these days.

Anyway, so far things have been running great. We haven't noticed any connection issues to the machines, slow queries, or any discrepancies with replication. Doing a quick grep through the logs it looks like we get somewhere around 60,000 binds per day split (unevenly, I might add) between the two servers.

If anyone has some experience looking at the output of cn=monitor, send me a few example queries and I'll post the details back here. I think that could give you some more hard data to look at.

Any questions?  Feel free to ask.

-Dusty Doris