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Re: Upgrade to 2.3.9: Startup Fails With "Duplicate attributeType"

to den 13.10.2005 Klokka 08:15 (-0400) skreiv Jim Seymour:

> Most likely you have not upgraded the schema files in
> your configuration with the new ones provided in the
> release.

Hard to say, being as a did a "make install" for 2.3.7 to get a
working LDAP server again.  There *were* a bunch of new schema
files installed, as those were left after the subsequent 2.3.7

As I noted originally: I did a "make install" of 2.3.9.  Is there
something else that needs to be done to get an upgrade to work?
Is it documented somewhere, and I missed it?

2.3.11, here :)

Simply comment out (or remove :( ) the offending lines in the .schema
file that slapd barfs on.


Mail: tonye@billy.demon.nl

Mail: tonye@billy.demon.nl