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Re: Slurpd and TLS/SSL

At 11:39 AM 10/13/2005, Jim Seymour wrote:
>Is now the point at which I mention I'm more confused than ever? 

I suggest you make sure ldapsearch(1) can talk to the
replica using the desired connection/TLS information
before attempting to get slurpd(8) to talk to it.
As Howard points out, all OpenLDAP clients (including
slurpd(8), use ldap.conf(5) for TLS configuration.
So, once you have ldapsearch(1) working, getting
slurpd(8) work should not be a problem.

Use of TLS in ldapsearch(1) is discussed in the
Admin Guide as well as other publications on the
web site (e.g., FAQ, http:/www/openldap.org/pub/).

Note as well starttls=yes is equivalent to ldapsearch's
-Z, not -ZZ.  For the latter it's starttls=critical.