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Re: rwm-mapping problem

> I am setting up a OpenLDAP front-end proxy that allows limited access to
> an Active Directory target server and am a little stumped on an issue
> that keeps causing an Abort to the OpenLDAP proxy.  Any time a search
> filter is sent through that is mapped to nothing the server will abort.
> Here are my mappings:
> overlay rwm
> rwm-map objectclass  account user
> rwm-map attribute    uid     sAMAccountname
> rwm-map attribute    cn      name
> rwm-map attribute    sn      sn
> rwm-map attribute    mail    mail
> rwm-map attribute    ou      company
> rwm-map attribute    entry   entry
> rwm-map attribute    *
> So if I specify a search query that I DON"T want users to access such as
> (telephoneNumber=8888*) the OpenLDAP server will abort with the
> following:
> slapd: result.c:538: slap_send_ldap_result: Assertion
> `!((rs->sr_err)<0)' failed.
> Aborted
> If I add the attribute that is breaking the server to the rwm-map list,
> like the following, it works fine but I don't want users to have access
> to that attribute, so I'm a little stuck.
> rwm-map attribute    telephoneNumber  telephoneNumber
> Any advice would be appreciated.
> BTW, I'm using OpenLDAP version 2.3.9 on Debian Linux

That sounds like a client API error code slipping into server's response. 
I'll try to reproduce and fix it.  I suggest you file an ITS


Pierangelo Masarati

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