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Re: ITS#3971 Fix

> I don't believe you should be using the rwm overlay as a global overlay
> since the relay backend automatically invokes it itself.

I didn't realize you were using slapo-rwm as global in front of
slapd-relay.  This cannot be done because slapd-relay to operate needs to
see the incoming request with the virtual naming context, rewrite itself
to the real naming context and redistribute it to another database.

It can automatically instantiate slapo-rwm when the "relay" directive is
used, or you can manually instantiate it for special uses, but in any case
by definition a slapd-relay without slapo-rwm must get into an endless
loop (I think the loop is detected, though, at least in plain cases; I
suspect yet another interaction with glue).


Pierangelo Masarati

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