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Re: Problems extract LDIF!!

Your LDIF isn't "sorted" (*) because likely data was written like that in
slapd, likely using an ancient version of the software.

Either you use the corresponding slapadd to import it, or you sort it
manully and use a recent version of OpenLDAP that keeps it sorted.

Note that in LDAP there is no notion of "sorting" (*) entries, so your
complaint makes little sense.

If your issue is that exported LDIFs cannot be loaded back, I note that
since ever OpenLDAP tools allowed to import LDIFs created with the
corresponding tool of the same version, and changes only occurred when
minor version numbers changed.


(*) I assume you mean listing entries in an order that is hierarchically
consistent, so that parents always come before their children.

> I have tried extract ldif file with slapcat and ldif file isn´t sort.
>> --On Monday, October 10, 2005 10:50 AM +0200
>> josemanuel.lopez@juntadeandalucia.es wrote:
>>> I have problems extract ldif file of openldap. I extract ldif file
>>> following syntax:
>>> ldapsearch -x -LLL -h HOST -D "ADMIN" -w PASSWORD -b "c=es" >
>>> fichero.ldif
>>> The problem is ldif file isn't sorted and when i charge ldif file need
>>> option -c (continuous) very times.
>> "slapcat" is generally the utility to use to extract an LDIF file from
OpenLDAP servers.
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