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Re: Upgrading ACLs

--On Friday, October 07, 2005 5:29 PM -0700 Jeffrey Froman <openldap.tcijf@olympus.net> wrote:

I am upgrading from openldap-2.1.22 to openldap-2.2.23, and I am having some difficulty getting the ACLs to a state that the new version is happy with. Can anyone describe (or point me to a document that describes) the ACL syntax differences between these versions? My searches have so far have produced only fragmentary results.

What I've learned so far: I found I needed to change "access to dn=" to
"access to dn.regex=" when the dn contained any regular expression
syntax.  After making this change, slapd starts without complaint, but it
appears that  my "by group=" access rules are not being used, if I am
interpreting the  slapd logging output correctly.

I also changed "attr=" to "attrs=" for each ACL.

Other possibly relevant information: Some of the group identifiers
contain  references to a match group in dn.regex, such as:

    access to dn.regex="dc=([^,]+),o=([^,]+)"
	by group="cn=admin,ou=sys,o=$2"

You probably want

by group.expand="......"

See the slapd.access man page.


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