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Re: about ITS #3791 (start_tls while chasing referrals)

At 03:16 AM 10/4/2005, José M. Fandiño wrote:
>  Due to performance reasons I am trying to offload my master
>directory server (OpenLDAP 2.2.28) with several slaves. In the
>test process I found the mentioned bug:

As indicated in this ITS, libldap was extended to allow
rebind procedures to Start TLS and that this new feature
was released in 2.3.  There is no indication that this
new feature was backported to 2.2, but likely not as
2.2 is feature frozen.  (Note that this is considered
a feature enhancement, not a bug fix, as libldap was
not designed previously to support this.)

Now, whether or not any particular rebind procedure
makes use of this feature is, well, up to the client