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kpasswd missing in action?

Is there any way to restore the kpasswd binding function to openldap?  I
realize that ideally sasl or kerberos binds directly are the way to go,
but unfortunately I can't do that for the majority of web applications
(most of which are 3rd party) that need to do ldap binds for
authentication.  Without kpasswd support I am forced to put the
userPassword hashes directly in the ldap database itself, which is a
security problem.  At least with the old {kerberos}username@DOMAIN
notation, even though the bind itself might have security implications I
wouldn't need to put the password itself in the database.

Is there a way to accomplish simple binding from these dumb 3rd party
apps with kerberos support?
Michael Torrie <torriem@chem.byu.edu>