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Re: OpenLDAP & bdb transactions

Owen DeLong wrote:

I could be wrong, but, I believe that OpenLDAP issues several BDB
transactions when performing a single LDAP write operation (modify,
add, delete). I believe that a separate transaction is used for
each index update as well as a transaction for each affected

That is both (a) wrong and (b) irrelevant. The original post is talking about transactions used to group multiple LDAP operations. What a backend does inside a single LDAP operation is completely orthogonal to the original question.


--On Monday, April 25, 2005 11:48 PM -0700 Lia Tarta <marty3400@yahoo.com> wrote:

Thanks for the reply.
Unfortunately, the provided solution is not an option
for me. I have found this RFC:
LDAP: Grouping of Related Operations

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