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Re: openldap client connect limit

--On Tuesday, April 26, 2005 8:45 PM +0800 çåå <luozhijian@huawei.com> wrote:

I using directory mark to test openldap.

when I configure dm to start 20 client,50 thread/client,openldap work
well.  when I configure dm to start 21 client,50 thread/client,some dm
client connect failed.then I found  openldap #define LDAP_MAXTHR 1024 in
tpool.c,then I modify it to 4096 and recompile,but it didn't work.

I suggest investigating a product like slamd. DirectoryMark is old & crufty, and doesn't necessarily give accurate results.

See <http://www.slamd.com>

As for your issue, I think the problem would be in DirectoryMark, not OpenLDAP. OpenLDAP isn't going to care how many clients & threads the directorymark process is running. I'll note that in my testing of directoryMark, you can't really do more than a few threads per processor on a client box if you want to get accurate results.


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