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Re: objectclass top mandatory

> I read in  RFC2256 that a entry in a LDAP directory must have a
> objectClass attribute with the "top" value.
> I 'm configurating  a LDAP Server and the objectclass entries have not
> the "top" value.
> Is it correct?
> RFC2256
> 5.1. objectClass
>    The values of the objectClass attribute describe the kind of object
>    which an entry represents.  The objectClass attribute is present in
>    every entry, with at least two values.  One of the values is either
>    "top" or "alias".

Your question is not strictly related to OpenLDAP software, unless you
mean whether OpenLDAP's slapd requires an entry to have the objectClass
"top" or not.  All objectClasses inherit from "top"; recent versions of
OpenLDAP's slapd (2.2 for sure; I'm pretty confident 2.1 does as well)
honor objectClass inheritance, so all objectClasses defined in the schema
must directly or indirectly inherit from "top", so your entries will be
fine as soon as you provide exactly one structural objectClass in all of
your them, and you'll be able to search for "(objectClass=top)" or assert
"objectClass:top" in compares and so.


Pierangelo Masarati

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