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Re: structuralObjectClass: no user modification allowed

On 04/11/2005 11:35 AM, Fernando Ramírez Sánchez wrote:
Ok, but I would like to create the ldif file without the structuralObjectClass line. Is it posible?
The ldif file is created with slapcat

Use the following command to create your ldif file (this will allow it to work with ldapadd):

cat >slapcat_ldapadd.ldif <<EOF
/^creatorsName: /d
/^createTimestamp: /d
/^modifiersName: /d
/^modifyTimestamp: /d
/^structuralObjectClass: /d
/^entryUUID: /d
/^entryCSN: /d

slapcat -v | sed -f slapcat_ldapadd.ldif > save_the_bacon.ldif

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