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Re: Double colon in LDIF

--On Tuesday, March 8, 2005 11:20 AM +0000 rob fielding <rob@dsvr.net> wrote:


I'm still finding my feet in LDAP and LDIFs but I've been led to think
entries such as these were 'corruptions' :

cisSetting:: Ym0ubmV3QGRl
userPassword:: eXZxZDJkbHk=

I don't know about NS Dir., but, in OpenLDAP, those represent values
that are already server-encrypted.  It's how the server differentiates

userPassword: mypasswordintheclear
userPassword: {md5}anmd5hash
userPassword:: base64alreadyserverencryptedpassword

LDIF, including various techniques for resolving the corrupt double
colon entries.

That might not be such a good thing.

After a successful ldapadd into my provider, verifying my fixed LDIF is
syntactically sound, and successful syncrepl to my consumer (including
resolution of ITS#3546 using OPENLDAP_REL_ENG_2_2 cvs) I decided to have
a look at a slapcat. To my astonishment, I've found many entries such as
quoted above.


Things to note: *all* userPassword entries are double colon entries in
the LDIF - they are infact plaintext at this point, visible in gq. Not
all cisSettings are double colon entries, and those that are render in
plain text in gq. They render as above with ldapsearch. The dn's I
haven't checked out as they are clearly not human readable.

That's the opposite of what I would expect and the opposite of the
behavior on my system, although I'm not using the cisSettings attribute,
but the userPassword attribute behaves as I described above.

Can someone clarify whether the above is 'normal' or not? I'm beginning
to think they are encoded in some way, however why would gq render them
in plaintext, yet slapcat and ldapsearch render them in this way? What
does the double colon signify? Perhaps the NSD LDIF isn't as corrupt as
we thought?

I'm not familiar with gq, so, I can't answer that question.

I'm still pretty new to this myself, but, that's been my experience
so far.


If it wasn't crypto-signed, it probably didn't come from me.

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