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Re: Double colon in LDIF

rob fielding wanted us to know:

>I'm still finding my feet in LDAP and LDIFs but I've been led to think
>entries such as these were 'corruptions' :

Others have already mentioned that it is simply base64 encoded.  The
easiest way to see what's really in there is a good old commandline

>cisSetting:: Ym0ubmV3QGRl

[todd@tlyons ~]$ echo "Ym0ubmV3QGRl" | mimencode -u ; echo


[todd@tlyons ~]$ echo "AGNuPWRzdnIwMDAwLG91PUF" | mimencode -u ; echo
Warning: base64 decoder saw premature EOF!

That actually looks like some kind of error, but not sure where.

>Things to note: *all* userPassword entries are double colon entries in
>the LDIF - they are infact plaintext at this point, visible in gq. Not


>Can someone clarify whether the above is 'normal' or not? I'm begining

As others have said, yes.

Regards...		Todd
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