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Re: Double colon in LDIF

> Hi,
> I'm still finding my feet in LDAP and LDIFs but I've been led to think
> entries such as these were 'corruptions' :
> cisSetting:: Ym0ubmV3QGRl
> userPassword:: eXZxZDJkbHk=
> dn:: AGNuPWRzdnIwMDAwLG91PUF
> Can someone clarify whether the above is 'normal' or not? I'm begining
> to think they are encoded in some way, however why would gq render them
> in plaintext, yet slapcat and ldapsearch render them in this way? What
> does the double colon signify? Perhaps the NSD LDIF isn't as corrupt as
> we thought?

This is the base64 encoding of the value.  Go to
http://makcoder.sourceforge.net/demo/base64.php to see.

For example,

dn:: AGNuPWRzdnIwMDAwLG91PUF = dn: cn=dsvr0000,ou=A
cisSetting:: Ym0ubmV3QGRl = cisSetting: bm.new@de

Is that correct?

Just copy the encoded part, such as AGNuPWRzdnIwMDAwLG91PUF, paste in that
website and hit decode.  It will show you.