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Re: Missing attributes with attribute mapping using rwm overlay (search)

sebastien augereau wrote:

Hi all,

First of all, thanx for the great job done.
OpenLDAP is a very impressive project!

Well, I'm working on openldap2.3_Alpha1 with ldap backend working as
proxy as follow :
1. We use 2 differents directories (A.our.organization.fr and
2. We use attribute mapping for the first one

It seems like a bug makes us not able to query for mapped attributes
(with ldapsearch).

I confirm the problem. Apparently, somewhere in the development a code block was anticipated too much. I was confident test030 would catch all these issues, but apparently this specific case was slipping thru. I've fixed the code, and I'll fix the test as well.

I suggest you file an ITS, to keep track of the issue.


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