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RE: Bdb defaults - WAS: problem importing entries.

> My other suggestion is that some example DB_CONFIG files be provided -
> either prominently on the website, or along with server itself.  For what
> most people want to do, referring them to the Berkeley documentation is
> very overwhelming.  We don't need to rewrite/copy all of Berkeley's
> information... Just provide some reasonable defaults for the most often
> adjusted variables.  Then people will have a clue at what documentation to
> look at specifically, when they want to tweak things themselves.
> Currently, this is not straight forward at all, as no new users of
> openldap are going to understand the ramifications of the very technical
> documentation written on the Berkeley site.
> Which leads directly to a lot of mail here... Why does it perform
> horribly, how do I configure this.

I think that even providing a bunch of example DB_CONFIG for all purposes
(but then too many is like none...) wouldn't save any email traffic:
people will start complaining that there's no provided file that fits
their need, or that the provided files are not enough documented (catch
22: they are the documentation) and more.


Pierangelo Masarati

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