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RE: db_stat usage

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> hi,
> I'm having trouble using db_stat as shown by the example below:
> robson:~# db4.1_stat -h /var/lib/ldap/ -m
> db_stat: DB_ENV->open: /var/lib/ldap/: No such file or directory
> robson:~# cd /var/lib/ldap
> robson:/var/lib/ldap# ls
> DB_CONFIG  gidNumber.dbb  objectClass.dbb  uid.dbb
> cn.dbb     id2entry.dbb   replog           uidNumber.dbb
> dn2id.dbb  nextid.dbb     replog.lock
> robson:/var/lib/ldap#
> What am I doing wrong?

That particular db_stat option operates on a BDB environment. There are no
environment files in your /var/lib/ldap. Most likely because you're using
back-ldbm, which knows nothing about BDB environments.

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