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RE: mapping one search to another

Hi Steve

So far I've only got the native stack to work with any success and only
unencrypted. Getting the padl modules to work is proving difficult (for
me anyway). Also according to Sun, Sol9 *requires* the use of profiles
which pretty much necessitates the use of the native pam because it
looks in /var/ldap/ldap_client_file rather than /path/to/your/ldap.conf

(I could be wrong about this - I'm not a Solaris expert, by a long shot)

If I'm using padl's pam module (pam_ldap.so.1) do I need to use the nss
module as well? what is the difference between this and the solaris

I would prefer to use the solaris stuff but encryption is my main aim at
the moment and I'm willing to try anything to get it working.

Doesnt anyone run encrypted solaris clients on openldap server?


On Tue, 2003-06-24 at 15:40, Smith, Steve wrote:
> Are you using the native ldap client or the openldap/padl stack?
> > 
> > I'm using openldap 2.1.21 running on Solaris9. I've got it working and
> > behaving itself with a RedHat9 client (with tls) and also 
> > with solaris 8
> > (without encryption).
> > 
> > I now need to get it working with sol9 but sol9 searches for
> > (&(objectclass=automount)(automountkey=foobar)) as opposed to 
> > solaris 8
> > (&(nismapname=auto.users)(cn=foobar)) when searching for the 
> > users home
> > directories (where foobar is the user group corresponding to
> > /home/foobar/username home directory).
> > 
> > How can I map one onto the other? do I need a service search 
> > descriptor
> > or objectclass mapping or attribute mapping? Am I oversimplifying the
> > problem? 
> > 
> > apologies if this is a faq (i cant find it)...
> > 
> > TIA
> > 
> > GREG
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