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Re: mail = mailRoutingAddress

>>>>>> "David" == David Wright <ichbin@shadlen.org> writes:
>David> I am using inetLocalMailRecipient from misc.schema to route
>David> mail accoring to the "mailRoutingAddress" attribute. Now I
>David> have encountered an application which expects to find an
>David> email address under the "mail" attribute.
>>From what I understand of the attribute 'mailRoutingAddress' it is not
>the users mail address, it is used by the mail server for forwarding
>of mail(s).
>So if I have
>mail: turbo@bayour.com
>mailRoutingAddress: turbo@tripnet.se
>All mails to turbo@bayour.com would be forwarded by my mail server to
>turbo@tripnet.se. If I would realy do this live, I would cause a mail
>loop, but as an example it holds...
>So 'mail' and 'mailRoutingAddress' are used for two different purposes...

My understand is that there are four mail related attributes (more or 

mail = Your "official" e-mail address.  What people should find when they 
look you up.  What your outbound e-mail headers should displays as From: 
and Reply-To:

mailLocalAddress = Multivalued, the mail addresses your recieve mail at.  

mailHost = Your internal mail server where your box lives.  Useful in 
organizations that host most than one mail server.  Your distribution of 
accounts, etc...

mailRoutingAddress = What the inbound mail address should be rewritten to 
in order to ensure proper delivery.

My mail attributes look something like -
dn: cn=Adam Williams,ou=People,o=Morrison Industries, c=US
mail: adam@morrison-ind.com
mailLocalAddress: adam@morrison-ind.com
mailLocalAddress: adam@morrison.iserv.net
mailLocalAddress: adam@cisco-inc.com
mailLocalAddress: adam@mor-value.com
mailLocalAddress: abuse@morrison-ind.com
mailLocalAddress: adam@gearheadcareers.com
mailLocalAddress: abuse@mor-value.com
mailLocalAddress: abuse@cisco-inc.com
mailLocalAddress: abuse@morrison.iserv.net
mailLocalAddress: abuse@gearheadcareers.com
mailLocalAddress: adam
mailRoutingAddress: adam@sardine
mailHost: sardine

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