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Re: LDAP default listening port

On Wed, 20 Feb 2002, Geert Van Muylem wrote:

> Hi,
> Can I change the default listening port (389)?

man slapd
option -h

-h URLlist
              slapd  will  serve  ldap:///  (LDAP over TCP on all
              interfaces on default LDAP port).  That is, it will
              bind  to  using  INADDR_ANY  and  port 389.  The -h
              option may be used to specify LDAP (and LDAPS) URLs
              to  serve.   For  example,  if  slapd  is  given -h
              ldap://  ldaps:///  ldapi:///  ,  It
              will  bind for LDAP, for
              LDAP over TLS, and LDAP over IPC (Unix domain sock­
              ets).  Host represents INADDR_ANY.  A space
              separated list  of  URLs  is  expected.   The  URLs
              should  be  of  LDAP  (ldap://)  or  LDAP  over TLS
              (ldaps://) or LDAP over IPC (ldapi://) scheme with­
              out a DN or other optional parameters.  Support for
              the latter two schemes depends on sele...

so, specify:

slapd -h ldap://localhost:9009 when you want to run it on port 9009, when 
your server is on localhost... 

Kind regards,


> Thanks,
> Geert

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