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make INN LDAP-enabeled


im going to make INN ldap-enabeled for user-authentication.

two short questions:

Does someone work on this too or has someone done so before ?
Is there another schema defined, then the following ?

Sample INN Project LDAP 

dn: cn=<local newsgroup name>,cn=Network News Service, ...
objectclass: service
objectclass: simpleSecurityObject
objectclass: localextra
cn: <local newsgroup name>
multilinedescription: special local newsgroup
category: Network News
mail: <mailbox>@<local network news server>
owner: cn=<Service Group>,ou=People, ...
certifiedhost: <specific local network host>
certifiedauthor: <INN userid>

It's not perfectly the one I will/can use, but its near to my plans.