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Re: Metamerge & OpenLDAP

Have you done any stress tests on it? You have indicated that Metamerge is
very slow, what is the throughtput look like to synchronize one database to
5 directories? I were hoping that it can synchronize at least 150 records
per second to even fit our needs...


> > Does anyone have tried to use Metamerge with OpenLDAP ??
> Yes, we have here. It works perfectly for migration/massaging of data from
> several different database systems into LDAP. We have yet to set it up
> that it works as a cronned job etc. Right now we are just doing data
> and unique identifiers creation. The only issue we have with metamerge is
> it's darn slow!
> We have over 17,000 records to import from various systems. With internal
> external duplicate checks and data integrity checks, it has taken over a
> (so far) to import only 6,000 users. The process is still running, so I
> tell you if it worked for sure within the next few days.
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