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RE: Confused about ldap_result() search results

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> Sent: Wednesday, September 26, 2001 4:27 PM
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> Subject: Confused about ldap_result() search results
> First of all, pardon my ignorance, but I'm really trying to understand how
> ldap_result() functions for search results.
> Below are the results I'm seeing using the 1.2.11 library on Win2K when
> doing a wildcard search with ld_sizelimit=10.  I hope this doesn't wrap to
> badly so it's unreadable - I'll attach a text file with the same results.
> Does anyone know why this functions so differently with timeouts < 1 sec?
> Is my system clock to blame - my worstation is a Pentium II 400 Mhz?
> And why isn't ldap_result() timing out?
> Are the 11 ldap_result() calls returning each of the 10 entries
> and then the result?

Probably. It seems to me that Windows support in the 1.2 source code was
tenuous at best, and who knows what their version of select() really does.
Are you
running under CygWin, or MinGW32, or building with MSVC? I can imagine that
CygWin environment might not have a good clock resolution, judging from how
it runs on my PII 366.

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