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RE: schema problem

Did you write your schema in a Windows text editor ? If so, watch out for
the carriage return. Thay are not the same in Unix and SLDAP may complain
about it.

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Envoyé : 24 septembre, 2001 14:57
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Objet : schema problem

I've designed my own schema for use in OpenLDAP 2.0.15 but slapd keeps
spitting it out saying it has errors.  There are 28 attribute definitions
and 3 object class definitions.  slapd can't seep to get pass the first
attribute definition.  Below is a snippet of the schema.  It includes the
relevant components of the error message.

# Equity Technology Groups, Inc. schema definitions
# in support of its externalETG LDAP project
# <author>Dane S. Foster</author>
# <date>31 Aug 01</date>

attributetype (
 NAME 'mailserver'
 EQUALITY caseIgnoreMatch

This is a snippet of the error message.  The name of the schema file is
SYNTAX )ETG.schema: line 8: Unexpected token
before  NAME 'mailserver'

Can anyone tell me what the Unexpected token is.  Thanx

Dane Foster
Equity Technology Group, Inc