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Re: Backup

I used some small grep-commands... 

grep -v "creatorsName" export.ldif > export2.ldif
grep -v "createTimestamp" export2.ldif > export3.ldif
grep -v "modifiersName" export3.ldif > export4.ldif
grep -v "modifyTimestamp" export4.ldif > export5.ldif
rm export.ldif
rm export2.ldif
rm export3.ldif
rm export4.ldif

You could certainly save some typing work by piping this through one
command-line or putting that in a script, but this method has had to
much problems for me that I didn't do that yet.
Problem with this method is that these timestamps are gone, and thats
bad if you need them. 
Another problem I've hab with *.ldif-exports for backup:
When the export isn't in structured order, you get 
"parent does not exist"-errors and the restore fails.
Do you know a work-around for this?


Rainer Kamenik schrieb:
> Zitiere Timo Boettcher <timo@gerichhausen.de>:
> Hi Timo
> 'Nice' to hear that someone concerns bout the same.
> My way is to have this 'creatortimestamps' killed
> by a c-program. If there should be a way to have this
> easier when producing the ldif, please let me know.
> regards
> rainer
> > Hi All!
> >
> > In the Last weeks, the diskusion about backup was one of the more
> > active one's.
> >
> > As I understood, there are three methods to backup an ldap-database:
> > 1.) Stop LDAP daemon and backup the files generated by the backend,
> >     then restart LDAP daemon
> > 2.) Export all data as ldif and backup ldif-file
> > 3.) Replicate and use first or second method on replica
> >
> > Since the downtime of a stopped ldap-server while the backup is
> > running isn't acceptable and I do not want to install a second
> > ldap-server on the same machine (if there's no other way I would do
> > that, but I believe in "K.I.S.S."= Keep It Simple, Stupid), my method
> > of choice would be the second one.
> >
> > But when restoring the beackup by re-importing the ldif-file, wouldn't
> > the server bark at me when reading the "creators name",
> > "create timestamp", "modifiers name" and "modify timestamp"
> > attributes?
> > (Something like "Attribute not userwriteable"?)?
> > Is there a possibility to restore the backup from the ldif-file
> > without
> > losing these timestamp-data (I need these, for example for
> > netscape-roaming)?
> >
> > Thanks for your help
> >
> > Timo Boettcher
> >