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Next step post-install

I've managed to follow the guides on the OpenLDAP site describing how
to install and set up an LDAP server, and, by dint of poking about and
pulling at bits, have managed to authenticate a client machine
against it, but now I've hit a dead end.

Are there any sites describing how to integrate LDAP into a
heterogenous networked environment (Macs, W32, Linux, BSD and Solaris
clients) so as to provide user management? Group management? How do I
make shadow passwords pull the information from LDAP?

All the information that I can find concerns setting up the server, and
there doesn't appear to be anything readily accessible describing how
you can administer a network using LDAP....

Any hints, tips or advice gratefully received (RTFMs only with "RTFM
at http://www.blah.com/"; ;)  If I've got the wrong place to post this,
could someone please gently point me in the right direction?



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