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Re: Back up Berkeley dbb files may cause file corruption

>    I had the same problem (data files get corrupted) but I don't know
> why. What version of Berkeley are you using? I'm using 3.1.17 and I
> want to know if it's the same with 3.3.11.
>> Hi, Just want to make sure that backing up dbb files (BTree structure
>> is used) while slapd are still running will not cause the data files
>> to get corrupted. Does anyone have similar experienced with OpenLDAP ?
>> If so, what are the most effective ways to back up your dbb files ?

Sorry, but I thought that this was a given -- it states in the documentation
that this won't work.  The state of the db files on disk isn't necessarily
what's in memory as long as slapd is running.  If you want to backup your
directory, kill -INT slapd and back them up.  If you have to do live backups
(no downtime), either export to LDIF or use replication...


John Madden
UNIX Systems Engineer
Ivy Tech State College