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ldap_open() timeout


I am trying to provide server redundency support for connecting to an ldap
server. However I'm finding the time it takes for ldap_open() to decide
that a server is not present, to be too long (at around 3.5 minutes). I am
after a way to modify this timeout value.

To provide this redundency support, I am looping though a list of servers
and calling ldap_open() for each server until success. This allows me to
know what server I connect to. But I have to wait 3.5 minutes before I try
the next server.

I have also tried using ldap_init(), but this only delays the problem. I
have further tried providing the space delimted string of <address>:<port>
of servers when calling ldap_open(). But this still exhibits the long

So the question is:
How do I modify the timeout value for ldap_open()?

Please help,