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RE: replication - dns round robin - benefits - updatedn?

Round robin DNS does not prevent routing queries to dead servers.

If you need very high availability, several layer 4+ switches (Cisco
local director, et al) do this in hardware. There are other software
LDAP routers like iPlanet Directory Access router.

Replication will be necessary for any of these failover situations.


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Subject: replication - dns round robin - benefits - updatedn?

I am pondering the idea of setting up another ldap server and

Will replication give me a "redundant" ldap server should my master
fail?  Can 
I balance the load with round robin dns?  If so, any docs on how to set
this up 

Another simple problem (i hope) I am having is simply getting my slave
to refer 
a query to the master.  I "heard" a rumor that the updatedn HAS to be
than the rootdn.  Is this true?  If so, how does one recommend that I
another user for updatedn?

Any other comments and hints concerning this topic, outside of the admin

manual, would be really appreciated.

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