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RE: ldap problem

hello Phil:

I  added that you tell me to my LDIF file, and then I execute:

        ldapadd -f /test.ldif -x -D "cn=root,o=unsa,c=PE"

And i have the same error:

        adding new entry "cn=root,dc=info"
        ldap_add: No such object

Could you more explicit when you says that root of my tree must be added as an LDAP object ,

i have my slapd.conf with :
rootdn    "cn=root, dc=info"
and my LDIF with      cn=root,dc=info,o=unsa

Could you, or someone in the list helpme, please?
is very important for me and for my university.


  Albert Medina Banda
San Agustin University

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