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Re: outlook express vs netscape auth problems

Have a look here:


Copy & Paste  from page:

Netscape Communicator 4.5 supports simple LDAP authentication. This means that
users may
elect to send authentication credentials to the LDAP server before performing a

However, LDAP authentication uses a distinguished name (DN) and a password, not a
user name
and password.  Since relatively few users know their DN, and probably fewer can
type it
correctly, Communicator will try to find the DN based on the value of some other
attribute. For
example, Communicator can search the "mail" values for phil@netscape.com in order
to find out
that the DN is cn=Phil Peterson,o=Netscape Communications Corp.,c=US.  So, unless
the user's DN has been preconfigured in their preferences, Communicator's LDAP
requires the server to allow anonymous searching on at least one attribute.


Terry Davis schrieb:

> Hello,
> I am having a problem with ldap authentication in netscape but not in outlook
> express for addressbooks.
> My addressbook is as follows:
> ou=People,dc=birddog,dc=com
> Authentication works for Outlook Express like:
> username:  uid=td,ou=People,dc=birddog,dc=com
> password:  <password>
> That does not work for Netscape Communicator.  Anyone have any insight to this
> for me?
> Thank you!
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