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RE: can attribute have no values?

I think the question was whether or not an attribute can have a value of
NULL but still be present in the object. I think not. If so, I haven't
figured out how.
You can use a space character which looks like a NULL value to the human
I have this problem too since when looking at an object it is very hard
to determine if an attribute is not present because of an ACL or simply
because it is not defined. A null value here would be handy.
Usually modifying an attribute to have a NULL value is equivalent to
removing that attribute from the object. I suppose this is dependent on
the API.

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	What objectclasses are the entries?
	You should check each objectclass definition in the schemas. If
	objectclass defines that attribute as a "must", then it is
required and may
	_not_ be blank. If the objectclass defines that attribute as a
"may", then
	it is optional. (Note that objectclasses "inherit" from their
	For example, the 'country' objectclass requires 'c' and allows
	and 'description'.
	Generally it's my understanding that if you have to fill
required attributes
	with dummy data, then you might want to consider using a
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	> Hello,
	> I am creating entries in my ldap.  Can some attributes be
	> blank?  It is not letting me leave 'pager' blank.
	> Should I fill empties with zeros ?
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