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LDAPv2 vs LDAPv3 & UTF-8

I used till LDAPv2.
and i use Korean Language with EUC_KR character set.
When i use LDAPv2(openldap version 1.2.9), i have no problem with character set.
but this time, When i change the server LDAPv3 compliant(openldap version 2.0.6), the problem occurred.
at first, i have no encoding scheme for storing multi-byte character. that is, My Linux Box has korean locale, my string with korean character is stored without UTF-8 encoding.
When i use the program in linux such as ldapsearch, any other my own program(this is also ldap client), it has no problem.
but, Whe i use Outlook Express in Windows Platform, Outlook client can't search entry.
so i capture the packet from outlook, and i noticed that the search string is encoded with UTF-8.
then, i have a question for solving this problem.
1. in the ldap database, should i encode values with multi-byte characters to UTF-8?
2. in the schema file, many attributes are defined as UTF-8 string, should i encode all the values defined as UTF-8?
3. don't openldap server check encoding type for UTF-8 defined attributes?
Yunhwan Kang