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Re: new matching rule

--On Mittwoch, 19. September 2001 18:11 +0530 "Gayathri.A" <gayathri@odysseytec.com> wrote:

    I read in one of the white papers that there is some matching rule
that can check the contents of a certificate that is posted in ldap. Is
that rule in application now? If so, please tell me the draft name and
how do i use this rule?
Thank You.

See draft-ietf-pkix-ldap-schema from the IETF ID repository.

A project to implement these rules in OpenLDAP:

Norbert Klasen
DAASI International GmbH                 phone: +49 7071 29 70336
Wilhelmstr. 106                          fax:   +49 7071 29 5114
72074 Tübingen                           email: norbert.klasen@daasi.de
Germany                                  web:   http://www.daasi.de