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trying authentification on linux with pam_ldap


I am new on this mailing list so i' am sorry if I seem to be out of 
I have a problem with my user test whitch I would like to authenticate on a 
linux machine.Here it is :

Linux Mandrake 8.0 with pam_ldap and nss_ldap.
The user can connect on my system with differents configurations in /etc/pam.d
it's ok with login and kde ...
The user can change is password too on LDAP server and it's ok.
but, I cannot make the server to take care of shadow attributes like :
shadowexpire or shadowmin ... and attributes like accountdisabled

in nssswith.conf I added ldap on shadow
I have session sufficient with pam_ldap.so in login file of pam.d directory 
(for example)

when I put the attribute accountdisable to 1 on LDAP Directory : nothing happen 
and I can connect to my machine anyway!

What Happen ??

Some help would be appreciated.

Xavier Poirier
Service Informatique
tél: 04 74 45 41 17 
mailto: xpoirier@ch-bourg01.fr