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replication - is_entry_objectclass error..

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        We are working here in a environment where we have a single master doing
replication across multiple slave servers. We are working on openldap 2.0.14
with berkley db 3.2.11 as the back end . The master is running on solaris and
the slaves are running on linux 6.2

Although the replication as been occuring properly but then slapd debug is
giving the following error ,  I am not very sure as to why the following is
appearing in the debug even though on the face of it  replication seems to be
happening in the required manner.

I  am pasting a portion of the error below :

@400000003ba870112403b80c ber_flush: 16 bytes to sd 7
@400000003ba870112406a9f4 conn=0 op=173821 RESULT tag=105 err=0 text=
@400000003ba8703518390eb4 conn=0 op=173822 ADD dn="UID=GULLUBHAI,OU=NORTH,O=XYZ"
@400000003ba87035183e7d54 is_entry_objectclass("uid=gullubhai,ou=north,o=xyz,
no objectClass attribute

@400000003ba8703533748dd4 ber_flush: 16 bytes to sd 7
@400000003ba8703533777404 conn=0 op=173822 RESULT tag=105 err=0 text=
@400000003ba8703b19688634 conn=0 op=173823 ADD dn="UID=AMITHAKKER,OU=WEST,O=XYZ"
@400000003ba8703b196cfebc is_entry_objectclass("uid=amithakker,ou=west,o=xyz",
 no objectClass attribute

This is being reflected for every user id which is being added to the ldbm

Any suggestions ??

Thanks and regards