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Re: Problem searching on address/fax in inetOrgPerson

> I'm trying to setup an address book type application with OpenLDAP
> 2.0.14 and am runnign into a problem where I can add data to the database
> but I can't query on the postalAddress, homePostalAddress and
> facsimileTelephoneNumber fields (inetOrgPerson schema).  I'm using the
> bundled schemas.


This is caused by the way these attributes are defined in the schema.

PostalAddress and HomePostalAddress have:
 "EQUALITY caseIgnoreListMatch
 SUBSTR caseIgnoreListSubstringsMatch"
These matching rules aren't supported by Openldap.

FacsimileTelephoneNumber has no matching rule at all (neither does
telexNumber and a few others).

See this thread
for more discussion on the reasons behind this.