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Re: Transactional ldap

You wrote:
> > 1. Have you ever tried to fit your needs via a sql-backend (with stored
> > procedures and so on) ?
> >
> > 2. How can I define a transaction,
> > is there a specal command into the LDIF file or something else ?
> > (Where) Can I get a copy of it, and do you have documents about it ?
> I'am sorry,
> but these questions probably make no sense, cause we are talking about a front end.
> So I have to ask, in which kind do you have implemended transactions with the ldbm backend ?

our own 'branch', although it was never the intention to branch ;) we
started hacking away and by the time we realized we had added a lot of
new features 2.0 was already underway.  those features would take a long
time to forward port to the 2.x series, not to mention the time it'll
take to stabilize the code. threading bugs are nasty ;)

we gave the patch to the public, but it wasn't much use because it
was against 1.2 (and rather large). our current code sports stuff like
transactions, scoped indexing, new search heuristics, lots of bug fixes
and speedups. the last thing I put in it is complete recoverability from
disk full situations without bringing down (or crashing) the server.
but, as i said, it's based on 1.2 and heavily geared towards pth and
bdb and needs some special building instructions.

I am still not proud of the fact that we didn't feed the patches to kurt
one by one from the beginning, and maybe we'll do it one day. let's just
say we were inexperienced at the time ;)

If anybody is interested in the code, please contact me. 

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