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Re: Transactional ldap

At 06:10 AM 2001-09-18, Marijn Meijles wrote:
>I was wondering if there are people involved in the development of a standard
>for transactional ldap operations (not the backend, but the frontend).

Yes, but usually not via this forum.  See:
(available in the IETF I-D repo).  There are other approaches.

>We're using a heavily modified back-ldbm (based on 1.2.11) which supports
>transactions with BDB 3.3.11 and we noted no significant performance drop,
>so we think it's perfectly possible.

There is an effort to implement a transaction oriented backend, back-bdb,
to OpenLDAP.  See HEAD branch.  Feel free to contribute and discuss on
the openldap-devel mailing list.