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Re: ldap V3 and european accent

--On Dienstag, 18. September 2001 00:36 +0200 marcel bruch <bruch.m@dni.de> wrote:

Hi !

I have a problem with UTF-8 encondig my LDIF-DB.
I´ve changed my file to UTF-8 via recode and added my LDIF-DB via

"file" output :test.ldif: UTF-8 Unicode text, with CLRF line

Now, Netscape and PegasusMail don´t display my entrys like i expect :
Netscape and Pegasus show lines like:

Your clients are probably broken. For LDAPv2 the character set is T61; with LDAPv3 it is UTF-8. If it worked before, it must have been because both your client and server incorrectly used Latin-1.
For Netscape Navigator 4.x (don't know about 6.x) you can specify the charset to use in the prefs.js file:
user_pref("ldap_2.servers.<SERVERNAME>.csid", "UTF-8");

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