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Re: Indexing? Please HELP


"Kurt D. Zeilenga" wrote:
> At 12:35 AM 2001-09-13, Timo Boettcher wrote:
> >Hi!
> >My db isn't large - slapcat produces a ldif-file of 385 kbytes...
> >That's not really large, not even for a relatively "small" System like
> >the one i'm using (P2-266 with 96MB Ram), is it?

My system is now upgraded. Its an P3-866 with 256MB Ram.

> >
> >For 15 Querys (only single objects, nearly no subtree-search) with about
> >50 bytes of data per object via html-php-ldap, it takes 1:30 (one and a
> >half) minutes 

Before the system-upgrade, I managed (via indexing/programming/
caching-tweaks and an update to openLDAP 2.0.14 with BerkeleyDB 3.3.11) 
to get this time down to 30secs. 

cachesize       10000
dbcachesize     100000

With the now-upgraded-system, this is 10secs. 
Much faster, but still... ldap should be able to to that MUCH faster 
than that.

> >for the html-page to load with slapd producing a
> >CPU-load of 90%.

Even with the upgraded system, CPU-load stays at 90-100% while slapd is
answering the querys.

> >
> >Is it faster to read the whole subtree and filter on application-level,
> >or should read only one entry at a time?

I tested that. It's about the same at the present size of the subtree.

> >
> >Querys are about 80 % like this
> >"SRCH Base = SomeBaseDN scope=1 filter =
> >'(myindexedobjectname=objectname)'"
> >the rest is
> >"SRCH Base = SomeBaseDN scope=1 filter =
> >'(objectclass=someobjectclass)'"
> >and
> >"SRCH Base = SomeBaseDN scope=2 filter =
> >'(objectclass=someobjectclass)'"
> >
> >Querying known indexed objects is really fast. I Got 20 entries in 4
> >secs, including php/net-transfer time... seems to be an index problem
> >then...
> >
> >How can I check my indexing? I have
> >
> >index   objectClass eq
> >index default pres,eq,sub
> >index   cn,somespecialobject,anotherspecialobject pres,eq,sub

This are my actual settings:

index           objectClass eq
index           default pres,eq
index           o,cn,rechner,software,geraet,rechteobjekt

Now all search-criterias are indexed.

> >
> >in slapd.conf and did "slapindex -f /path/to/slapd.conf" after that...
> >that shold be enough, or did I miss something?
> an equality index on myindexedobjectname?


> >Thanks for your help
> >
> >Timo Boettcher

Why is openldap still so slow?

Thanks for your help. It Would be nice if you could help again.

Timo Boettcher