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Re: Schema Check v3 [1.2.14]

>>I have recently upgraded OpenLDAP from version 1.2.11 v2 to 1.2.14 v3.
>>We were dealing in older version with schemacheck     off
>>in the slapd.conf. Now the problem is that whenever we add an additional
>>attribute through an LDAP browser, we see a message [Debug] from
>>slapd deamon that "Attribute not defined." It seems to me that schemacheck
>>is on but in slapd.conf, it is off. Anyone can tell me what is happening
>Switch schemackeck on and see what passes.

Schemacheck behaviour seems diffrent in 2.0 vs. 1.2.  Turning schemacheck off
only seems to cancel objectclass may/must checks.  All attributes that exist in
the directory must still be defined in the schema.  Or at least that is what my
fiddling seems to indicate.

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