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Re: [Help for newbie] How to compile OpenLDAP 2.0.14 with iODBC 3.0.5 ?

OK, first I downloaded the .rpm file and installed it. But when I tried to configure (./configure --enable-sql) OpenLDAP, I had an error (could not locate suitable ODBC library).
that's probably because of widely used policy of splitting "user" and "developer" parts into separate packages...
I thought I should download the .tar.gz instead.
I removed the .rpm and now I have decompressed iodbc-3.0.5.tr.gz
In the tree of iODBC I have a directory called 'Include'. Do I copy its files (isql.h, isqlext.h, config.h.in,  ...) in the 'Include' directory of OpenLDAP ?
well, you could, but you should better adjust your INCLUDE variable...
There is no directory called 'Libraries' for iODBC. Are they in the directory called 'iodbc' ?
well, right now I cannot examine that tgz you've downloaded, but I think of two options - it may be a source distribution, so to get libraries you should build them, or it is a binary distribution, but the libraries are located in some other directory
Another question : the MySQL server is not on the same computer that OpenLDAP (neither the same LAN). Is there something to configure or tune ?
in any case, you will have to configure the ODBC datasource info, where you can define remote host just as easy as local