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Re: replication from OpenLDAP 2.0.14 to 3th party ldap server

You can hack slurpd to use a non-critical manageDSAIT control.

At 05:09 AM 2001-09-13, John Reijnders wrote:
>We have a OpenLDAP directory based on v2.0.14 on Linux. It consist of a OpenLDAP master and 3 OpenLDAP slaves. Besides these slaves we are asked to maintain a slave on our old directory (Isode) product. When we specifiy a replica it tries to update, but fails with "critical extension not available". This is due to the fact that the Isode product does not support the managedsait control over LDAP. 
>Has anyone solved this before or does anyone have any hints on how to solve this problem? If possible we would like to use the standard slurpd to update the OpenLDAP slaves, a special version of slurpd for the replication to the Isode directory only would be acceptable, but that would require a mechanism which enables two different versions of slurpd running in parrallel.
>Thanks in advance,