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oladm : OpenLDAP admin tool : alpha release

	Hi all,

	I'm currently working on a browser/configurator for OpenLDAP v2+.
It is written in Perl/Gtk and I'd like you to test it and to give me some
feedback. It is 100% GPL.

	The browser does not yet support binary types but this will come soon.
It is not yet possible to connect using SASL or Kerberos. I do not know much
on these things (especially in Perl), hints are welcome.

	The configurator does not save the file for the moment.
I implemented all options present in the online version of the manual
(OpenLDAP 2.0 Administrator's Guide) but not some options in the manual page
(especially those regarding TLS*). I would like to know if it loads well on
your configurations. RSH/SSH support (for loading slapd.conf and schema files
on a remote host) does not manage the password, so use RSH/.rhosts or
SSH/authorized_keys for this or it will ask you 4 or 5 times the password
in the shell (once for each file loaded).

	I had problems to decode the BNF syntax (especially for ACLs) in the
online manual so I may have made some big mistakes. Please tell me.

	It is hosted on Savannah (https://savannah.gnu.org/projects/oladm/)
and the current version is available at

	You will need the perl module 'Gnome' to use it.

	Thank you for giving me some feedback, what you like/dislike, what
is good/wrong, bug reports and so on.
   \^/   Cordialement/Regards,
 -/ O \--Alexandre (Midnite) Jousset-----------
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