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Ldap still slow - Please Help!

Hi all!

I am using php->html to read from an ldap-server. It takes about 30secs 
for 22 queries (80% reading with fully known dn, rest search on the
same level of the tree with some "objectclass=myobjectclass" filter)
while I am nearly alone on the server. The slapd-process creates a 
cpu-load of about 80% - 100% (what is left after all other processe got 
their share, I would think). I heard ldap is optimized for reading from
the db, not for writing. Then why takes reading, writing and reading 
again about 60 secs when reading alone takes 30 secs? To times reading
(2x30secs) is 60secs, then why is the writing done in "no time" when 
ldap is optimized for reading from the db, not for writing? Could this 
be an index-problem? I'm not searching for a not-indexed-attribute 
(I'm rarely searching because I know the dn's), so indexes shouldn't be
the problem here, should they? 

LDAP: openldap 2.0.14 
Backend: berkeleydb 3.3.11
(updating from openldap 2.0.11 and berkeleydb 3.2.9 gave me about 10%
faster results)

from slapd.conf:
cachesize       10000
dbcachesize     100000

index           objectClass eq
index           default pres,eq
index           o,cn,myobjectclass1,myobjectclass2,myobjectclass3

Database: about 200 entries, ldif is about 380 kbytes
CPU: P2-266

Please help! 
Thanks in advance for your help

Timo Boettcher