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Re: Another newbie question about ldap.conf

"Mitchell, Louise M" wrote:
> I really can't find any basic information about what the ldap.conf file is used
> for... ie, where it should be, what it should contain ( i did a man on ldap.conf
> and didn't see some of the things I saw in an email )...when is it reread..

It stores the default settings for CLIENT stuff on a machine. Note that, 
at least with OpenLDAP, that's the machine's file. Any user can have its 
own in $HOME/.ldaprc and in any dir, say $CWD/.ldaprc

Maybe the man page is outdated, you should read the source to check 
if new items have been added. Other packages rely on it (significantly 
pam/nss_ldap) so non-ldap stuff may appear, whose interpretation is 
delegated to these applications.

> Is there a good book on OpenLDAP specifically?

Mmmmh, don't know anything about, and don't think so.


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