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querry on ldap_search_s()

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Hi All,

Will  the function   ldap_search_s()  return LDAP_SUCCESS even when the search
does not match the filter specifed ???

I have pasted below a part of my code and its output

printf("filter : %s\n", filter);
printf("basedn : %s\n", basedn);
ret = ldap_search_s(ld, basedn, LDAP_SCOPE_SUBTREE, filter, fields, 0, &res);
ldap_perror(ld, "ldap_search_s:");
 if (ret != LDAP_SUCCESS)
          *status = -10;
            return NULL;
 msg = ldap_first_entry(ld, res);
 ldap_perror(ld, "ldap_firs_entryt:");
 ret = ldap_count_entries(ld, msg);
 ldap_perror_entries(ld, "ldap_count:");
  printf("count : %d\n", ret);
  subtree = ldap_get_dn(ld, msg);
  ldap_perror(ld, "ldap_get_dn:");

output :

filter : (&(objectclass=xyzUser)(uid=not_in_ldap))
basedn : o=xyz
ldap_search:: Success
ldap_first:: Success
ldap_count_entries:: Success
count : 0
ldap_get_dn:: Bad parameter to an ldap routine


Here i have "o=xyz" as the root DN ,  "ou=south,o=xyz" and "ou=north,o=xyz" as
the subtrees, and then  uid's in the object class "xyzUser" under these

Since both ldap_search_s() and ldap_first_entry() returns a success , only way i
can check if a uid exist is by the function ldap_count_entries().

I this the way to do it or am i going wrong somewhere ??

Waiting for replies
Thanks in advance.